Design of Maria Jacobsson Harp and Piano Music Lessons HTML Website

Revamp Maria Jacobsson's website with a keen focus on incorporating the latest design trends and ensuring an exceptional user experience, specifically tailored for her student audience.


Warmly embracing students of various ages and musical backgrounds, Maria's studio is open to all! With more than 15 years of teaching expertise and a Masters in Music Education, Maria brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. A dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, her students span from as young as 4 to as seasoned as 82!

[1] Maria Jacobsson, 2018

The Problem

Discovering premier harp lessons and trustworthy instrument shops can be challenging. Navigating the diverse realm of harp education and selecting quality instruments requires thoughtful consideration.

“I really want to find a way that's easier and more efficient to buy a harp and sign up for lessons.” How can we make the whole experience simple and effortless?
Figure 1. Maria Jacobsson's Website overview.

Design Problem

When designing our harp shop and lessons website, we focused on overcoming common challenges to ensure a seamless user experience. Navigating through the platform is now intuitive, with clear menus and a logical flow. We've introduced interactive features, such as easy access contact buttons, to make the user feel easier to approach the shop.

The responsive design guarantees a consistent experience across various devices, and the integration of multimedia elements enhances the overall learning environment.

By addressing these concerns, our website aims to provide a user-friendly and effective platform for harp enthusiasts of all levels.


Following in-depth market and user research specific to harp enthusiasts, I started compiling theoretical knowledge and insights from real harpists' experiences. This process has guided the initial stages of designing a platform like Maria-Jacobsson, aiming to create value for both users and the harp market.

As I delve into harp-related features, my initial thought is that by letting users smoothly explore, check the availability of harps in stock, plan, and schedule their harp sessions in advance, we could genuinely uplift their overall experience.

Our harps echo tales of our history and contemporary melodies, revealing the rich narrative of our musical journey.

Research & Analysis

Researching harp users involves analyzing their behaviours, needs, and motivations through techniques such as observation, task analysis, and various feedback methods. Our efforts have included conducting 12 user interviews specifically with individuals passionate about harps and music.

User interviews

Abundant data was collected, allowing us to precisely delineate their user base, understand the behaviours of these users, and identify several potential use cases for the app.

A product's relevance hinges on understanding its purpose, problem-solving capacity, and intended audience. Our aim was to ensure Maria Jacobsson's website addresses harp-related challenges with clarity. We endeavored to make harp resources easily accessible and straightforward for users.

Modal Button's Design

Construct modal sections featuring customized positioning to offer additional content on demand. Enhance user experience by seamlessly integrating these modals, providing users with easy access to supplementary information tailored to their needs.

Figure 2. Maria Jacobsson Buttons.


A significant transformation in Maria Jacobsson's harp website involved a heightened emphasis on personalization. The objective was to elevate user engagement by looking into individual user preferences, enabling us to anticipate and customize relevant harp content. This enhancement ensures a more personalized and engaging experience for every harp enthusiast visiting the website.

We also aimed to establish a more straightforward, user-friendly, and organized method for showcasing harps to users. Through categorization and the incorporation of promotional features within the website, we developed a clear and simple hierarchy for users to easily navigate and explore harp-related content.

Figure 3. Maria Jacobsson's final harp page.


I designed & developed a mobile application tailored for harp enthusiasts, capable of handling essential tasks. Upon entering the Home Page, our harp platform establishes an artistic ambiance and offers the choice to explore local harp or top-rated harp resources globally, showcasing the website's international reach. Through UI testing, we gained insights on optimizing the application's structure to ensure the best possible user experience for visitors to Maria Jacobsson's harp website. Recognizing the shortcomings of our initial version, which focused solely on visuals, led to a more comprehensive and user-centric redesign.

"Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it." Brenda Laurel, PhD, Independent Scholar

Maria Jacobsson has exciting plans to enhance her harp website, and there's much collaboration ahead as we continue to work on refining the site. Stay tuned for the upcoming developments!

Date July, 2021
Type Website Deign, UX re-design, UI Design


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